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Yulegoat said:

ranzchic said:

I predict at least one megaton bomb within the next two months

Matt Casamassina is constantly braggin of his knowledge about some of those "megaton bombs" for the Wii but can't obviously tell what they are. I suspect there's a Kid Icarus and a Pokemon adventure coming to the Wii. Castlevania would be cool too.



If it helps you out any, he claimed that Nights 2 and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics were 2 of the "megaton bombs" he was talking about but also added that even bigger games were coming in the near future... I'm not sure if that would really narrow it down but if it follows the trend then the next announcement should be a "historical game"... you know, nights 2 is the "epic return of nights after an 11 year hiatus" and mario/sonic is the "first game to star mario and sonic ever" and so forth... so I believe that the next announcement is likely to follow that trend rather than just be something like "OMG WII IS GETTINZ A GTA GAME" or something...