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Quantum-Tarantino said:

Doesn't Matter hus, SONY has died this generation, they will have a few diehards, who wont let go (IE, less than the Gamecube last GEN) and developers will port thier PS3 titles to the 360, and start developing for the wii.


Godfather for Wii is MUCH greater than Godfather for PS3, as one example.

That is just opinion I have played both Godfathers and they both sucked. Dont really understand the hype with it really, is there to little Wii games out there so people need to hype this?. Super Paper Mario is going to be released tomorrow have fun. (Its like I would brag about that Call of Duty 3 got overall better score on PS3, and the diffrence is smaller on the Godfather). Who fucking cares.


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