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Multiplatform generation my ass. While half of them are crap and not exactly DMC4/MGS4/FFXIII caliber, the fact that 10 new exclusives were annoucned, compared to just 4 for the 360 and 3 for the PS3 in the same time period, is interesting, to say the very least. The Wii is building it's game library quite rapidly, it seems.


Smaller publishers deffinitely like the cheaper cost of development and the explosive nature of the Wii installl base as most of these annoucnements were right after the January and February NPD numbers were announced. I wonder if this trend holds, especially if the Wii still keeps on selling out(it still does as of April 8 2007, a good 5 months after launch despite the plentiful supply). I honestly can't wait to see what happens in the next 3-6 months with regards to game announcments.


I predict at least one megaton bomb within the next two months(hint: Square's Final Fantasy Party will be held in the middle of May). :p


edit: The title should have been "The Wii apparently added the most exclusive games in the last few months."