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I can't believe I forgot the But I did find a flaw in this site. There should be some kind of error checking that gaurantees you have a subject, a kinda idiot proof validation. A few lines of javascript could fix that. "function checkSubject(frm) { if (frm.subjectbox == '') { alert("You must have a subject!"); return false; } return true; }" All figures were from this site using the 'console comparison' totals for Japan and Americas. I can't believe so many people are that hardup over graphics. 36+ million people who have purchased the DS prove that graphics are not that important. What's important is the overall enjoyment of the games. Gears of War is a great game, why, the gameplay is intense and very satifying. Sure, it looks great, but if it looked like Halo 1 or MP1 or 2 it would be just as good of a game. I had as much fun playing tetris or new super mario bros. on DS. Plus the Wii will get games that look really good. MP3 and SMG are two that from all accounts see to be as good graphically as most of the 360/PS3 games currently availiable, Yet, they will be as fun if not more intense gameplay wise as Gears of War or Zelda:TP etc. I have the money to buy all three systems and an HD tv if I so choose. However, I don't see enough HD content out there to replace my digital widescreen SD tv. Nor, do I have time to justify the cost of all three systems. Instead I will buy the Wii do to my fanboyish love for the classics as well as the latest incarnations of Mario/Zelda/Metroid and will borrow the 360 I bought for my little brother when a 'killer app' comes out for that system. As for the PS3, eh, all their great games are going to be ported to 360 anyways sooner or later, and I have just an overall dislike of Sony. So. No thank you.