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I would like to know when these "hardcore gamers" think there's enough power (if there will ever be). Would you pay 10 000 dollars for a nextnext gen console that has 100000x60000 resolution, air moisturiser, particle accelerator, microwave owen, a grill and of course horsepower enough to do a NASA simulation? Imagine, the developers could create characters that consist of atoms rather than polygons. However, they would not. I think we're coming close to the point when there's anough power to run almost any type of game with pretty graphics. If Sony and Microsoft continue with their power-based battle for supremacy, it's soon a dead-end, because people don't see the difference in the advanced graphics and the developers don't have enough money to make detailed worlds to take full advatage of the system's powers. And if you think people will play with sixaxis in the year 2017, you're wrong.