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NPD data should be released in less than four hours.

Data covers Aug 5 through Sept 1.

Vgchartz totals for the same period can be seen in my article, here

This will be the first month covering the $20/$30/$50 pricedrop for the Xbox 360 skus, and it will be the first month the new $600 PS3 sku is available (the version with extra GB and Motorstorm).


Alot of big games were released during this period as well -

Brain Training 2, Madden NFL 2008 (360/PS2/PS3/Wii/PSP/Xbox/GC), Bioshock and Metroid Prime 3 are perhaps the most notable games likely to make the top ten.

If you assume that three Madden versions (likely PS2, 360 and PS3) made the top ten, and that Wii Play/Metroid Prime 3/Bioshock made the top ten with sales north of 200k, that leaves four open spots for sales between 100k and 200k.  I'd imagine one spot will go to Pokemon, one spot to Guitar Hero 2 (i'd guess it sold pretty well with the $279 Xbox 360), one spot to Mario Strikers, and one spot to either Lair or Warhawk (I'd guess Lair).

In essence, I'd look for something like this

1) Madden (360 or PS2)

2) Madden (PS2 or 360)

3) Bioshock (360)

4) Madden (PS3)

5) Wii Play (Wii)

6) Metroid Prime 3 (Wii)

7) Guitar Hero 2 (360)

8) Lair (PS3)

9) Pokemon Diamond (DS)

10) Mario Strikers (Wii)

I expect US NPD hardware to be...

380k-480k DS

350k-400k Wii

240-280k Xbox 360

200-250k PSP

185-225k PS2

130-160k PS3

70-100k GBA


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