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kber81 said: Innovalias said: You're part of a frigid minority of gamers (if you're even a gamer) who cavalierly dismiss the potential of the Wii by saying 'normal' games can't be played on it. Hmm, there is no potential in Wii. I mean normal games with "modern" graphics and so on. I just can't imagine playing in Red Steel or Wii's Far Cry when there are Gears of War and Resistance on the market. Wii is weak already - what would we say in 2008. This is good for girl's parties not for playing real stuff
Well it is nice that you states two games that got a lot of bad press because they did really bad work. I would say that what I have seen in game movies is that Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid shows that good graphics is possible. Even Sonic seems to have potentional. So you can play "real" stuff. But most of all I think you are making a statemant from you own view, you are clearly an harcore gamer that love beutifull graphics. Well I aren't. I am a casual gamer that like arcade style gaming. I do think that there is many persons that is like me that just want good enough graphics for a good price. The ps3 is a great machine but to expensive for me and my gaming buget. I do think that Nintendo will use aggresive price cuts to sustain a good sale rate, and therfore win people that like me that can't understand why they should spend all that money on a gaming system. So if the sales keep on going well under 2007 I can see that it will stay out on the market for at least 5 years. Of course this is hard to say, but at least in Japan the system seller is Wii Sport, which has worse graphics than the Cube.



Buy it and pray to the gods of Sigs: Naznatips!