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kber81 said: Sale of Wii will collapse sooner than later. Piece of crap - nothing more than GC + weird controller. There is no space for any normal games on this system. You want stunning FPP - no way, real fight game like Tekken or VF - sorry, extreme racing - forget about it, huge world to explore like in GTA... only some old school stuff. Appearance IS important.
The sale of everything electronics based eventually falters, as new things come along. Think your precious non-Wii non-piece of crap will survive past another generation? Think again. You're part of a frigid minority of gamers (if you're even a gamer) who cavalierly dismiss the potential of the Wii by saying 'normal' games can't be played on it. Expressing your opinion (distaste) is one thing, but you've just invited a flame fest upon yourself. Enjoy.

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