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For those who keep saying the wii is going to be out in 2-3 years, lets look at how well the wii is compared to other consoles after the first 2 months...US&JP only. * = has or did have greatest market share. GBA 3.5m * DS 3.1m * Wii 2.6m PS 2.6m * PS2 2.4m * XB 1.8m GC 1.6m N64 1.7m DC 1.4m PS3 1.3m PSP .8m 360 .8m * Umm, the way I see it Wii has a very good chance of becoming dominant and thus not ending in 2-3 years. More likely after 6-7 for WiiHD as that will coincide with the time majority of tv owners will have HD sets.