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Kantor said:
LOL@ first few posts. Some of the most pessimistic predictions I have ever seen. People put the Wii at 40 million minimum? And laughed at Rol when he said 110 million was a minimum for the Wii? GOLD!

Anyway, some more updated predictions:

PS3: 50 million
Xbox 360: 50 million
Wii: 125 million

The first few posts on this thread were in June of 2007 where the XBox 360 had sold 10 million units, the Wii had sold 8 million units and the PS3 had sold 4 million units worldwide. The "Lowest realistic expectations" for each of the platforms at that time would have been dependant on a scenario close-to the worst case for one platform going up against a scenario close to the best case for the other platforms ... For the past two years we have not seen a much more mixed scenario than people would have assumed to make these predictions, and as a result the platforms are (already) outperforming the minimums people predicted.

Basically, had Blu-Ray lost out to HD-DVD and Microsoft secured exclusivity for Grand Theft Auto 4, Metal Gear Solid 4, Devil May Cry 4, Fallout 3, Assassin's Creed, and the Call of Duty games how well would the PS3 be selling today?

At the same time, had Blu-Ray became the must have product for 2008, Sony had been able to aggressively reduce the price of the PS3 to match the XBox 360, and the Red-Ring of Death become a well known problem giving the XBox 360 the reputation as a system that needs to be replaced every year how well would the XBox 360 have performed?