I must say this in my mind is classic hardcore gaming glory.

Of course that means it will sell like garbage. I would take it any day over the new Ninja Gaiden, Prince of Persia, Assaasin's Creed, Tenchu etc. All million sellers and this poor game will struggle to 100K worldwide in my opinion.

I would just love it if Marvelous would get breakout hits with their excellent games like this and Little King's Story.

Final* Word on Game Delays:

The game will not be any better or include more content then planned. Any commnets that say so are just PR hogwash to make you feel better for having to wait.

Delays are due to lack of proper resources, skill, or adequate planning by the developer.

Do be thankful that they have enough respect for you to delay the game and maintain its intended level of quality.

*naznatips is exempt