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Soriku said:
Sales expectations for this game?

The is a greatest hits title. GH is 500k right? Or is it 400k?

japan: 100k

america: 500k

europe: 200K


games like these dont sell much, especially in japan.


Marvelous expectations:

it most be sad to be marve

Plans for rest of the fiscal year :

Japan :

• Harvest Moon WakuWaku Animal March (Wii) - Starting shipment : 43k, FY forecast : 50k
• Avalon Code (DS) - Starting shipment : 74k, FY forecast : 85k (upped from 56k)
• Akagawa Jirou Mystery (DS) - Starting shipment 23k, FY forecast : 29k
• Hitman Reborn (Wii) - Starting shipment : 17k, FY forecast : 19k 
• Hitman Reborn ( PS2) - Starting shipment : 1.75k, FY forecast : 30k
• Rune Factory Frontier (Wii) - Starting retail preorders : 45k, FY forecast : 55k
• Junjyou Romantica (PS2) - Starting retail preorders : 13k
• Harvest Moon Welcome to the Wind Bazaar (DS) - Starting retail preorders 120k, FY forecast 170k
• Oboro Muramasa Youtouden (Wii) - [previous forecast was 56k, but since the Wii domestic marketplace is in bad shape, they are reconsidering their previsions]

Europe :

• Harvest Moon Island of Happiness (DS) - Starting retail preorders : 130k, FY forecast is down from 450k to 250k
• Rune Factory A Fantasy Harvest Moon (DS) - FY Forecast is down from 80k to 60k
• Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility (Wii) - FY Forecast : 220k
• Little King's Story (Wii) - FY forecast is up from 124k to 125k

America :

• Valhalla Knights 2 (PSP) Starting shipment : 32k, FY forecast : 35k
• Avalon Code (DS) - FY forecast : 40k
• Rune Factory Frontier (Wii) - FY forecast : 100k
• Little King's Story (Wii) - FY forecast up from 120k to 150k


it must be sad to be marvelous, their highest expectation is harvest moon TOT on wii(NA) at 220K, they really are pessimistic.