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sieanr said:
kber81 said:
joedamico said:



that means jack shit.

Yeah, I wouldn't trust to polls. Especially I wouldn't trust to PS3 owners who want buy Warhawk... We should ask Xbots... What's your point? This is poll. You have nothing to claim it's untrue so leave it and try to secure good ventylation for your box... You expect this figures to be lower to feel better? Don't cry...

Seriously, you can't see the obvious flaws in using an internet poll to glean sales data for this game? 


Don't tell him that people who surf the internet and take part in internet polls are dramatically more likely to buy a videogame and download it on the internet.

Personally, I'm not going to guess a percentage but a lot of the people I know still don't download music from iTunes (or other questionable sources) and still buy their music in B&M stores on CD because they don't trust internet distribution.