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DirtyP2002 said:
BHR-3 said:
1: i think it will do better on the ps3 than 360 ww lifetime and even by end of 09

2: end of 09 2.0 360 2.1 ps3

3: lifetime 6-7 combined assuming there is no wii version

Can we make a bet out of this? If the Xbox360 version sells more units, I can chose your signature for one month. If the PS3 version sells more units, feel free to change my sig for a month.



1 Do i have to log in and post for that 1 month to count

2 Are u talking bout end of 09 this site might not exist at the end of RE5 lifetime

3 Do u know my accomplishments im the 10 week countdown champ by a good sized margin too i know my #s

4 Look at DMC4 SW#s i bet u've said that would sell more on 360 last year

5 PS is were RE was born there was no RE on Xbox ever

6 Japan well def go to PS so will EU NA is the real ? but since there was never a RE on a Xbox i don't C it outselling the PS3 WW

7 How will i access ur Sig

8 I'll think about it im to grown up to make bets on a web site about SW sales ill let u Know after 1st week sales




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