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Zlejedi said:
BengaBenga said:
Zlejedi said:
This list is huge failure - they try to make x360 stand better that it is. There's no such thing as "console exclusive" and "full exclusive" either i need to buy platform x as the only choice to play game or not.

And the only reason why Wii list is so much longer is becouse many good games share pc/ps3/x360 development.

No, the reason is that Wii has more exclusives. 

Ok if you prefer stuff like:

  • EA Sports Active
  • EA Tennis 2009
  • While I'll be playing my non exclusive Street Fighter IV, Fear 2, Bioshock 2, Tekken 6 good for you :)


    I don't say I prefer those, but they ARE exclusive, which is what this thread is about.

    I'll be playing RE5, Star Ocean 4 and Alan Wake this year, so what's your point?. Or is it too hard for you to comprehend the fact that with a HD console you can still enjoy the Wii?

    I also really don't see why EA Tennis with M+ shouldn't be an amazing game. Your cherrypicking from the list is also quite sad. Games like Muramasa, Fatal Frame and MadWorld can stand up to any game on the other lists.