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mibuokami said:
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mibuokami said:
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perpride said:
madskillz said:
What my bro D21Lewis said. Yeah, everyone knew it would sell. However, just search for the threads with the words EPIC and LBP and see what comes up. It was pegged to be along the lines of Metal Gear, Halo 3, Gears 2 and the like. It may hit that, but folks were predicting it would hit those numbers immediately. Didn't happen. The hype train derailed when expectations were met. End of story.


Wow what you said has absolutley nothing to do with whether LBP can be called a success or not. Just because a bunchof fanboys were hyping a game up doesn't mean that it has to sell 10 mill on openning day to be a success.

At this point, not only has Little Big Planet exceeded everyones expectations as an amazing video game, the sales are also enough for it to be dubbed successful. Not that many new IPs (especially on the last place console) hit those kindsof numbers.

And who are you?

What I said has everything to do with if it's successful or not. To have it drilled into our heads 'LBP will sell 5 millions copies in weeks' vs. reality is a joke. It was hyped sooooooo much and while it made money, and has exceeded some folks' expectations, it is nowhere near where many folks on this site - and I mean a ton - that it would be at this point.



Clearly, the success of a game is measure by it living up to the expectation of a few diehard internet fanboy.

The game was a critical success, an undisputed fact when you look at the scores of high scoring review from the media.

The game is also a commercial success, it has made a profit and continue to sell and its obviously successful enough for Sony to sign MM up for two more exclusive games.

Perhaps you should look beyond the vocal minority and get a clear picture of the expectation of the industry and Sony itself. No one sensible was predicting 5 million first week with any degree of seriousness.

And yet those threads clogged this site like a big turd and a small hole.

Not once did I say the game wasn't a success - never. Read every last one of my posts. I admire the game and how successful it has been. However ... what I am saying is - the goalposts shifted after it was certain to not happen. That is what I am saying. No one wanted to eat crow - they were like 'It's a success,' and had a memory lapse on what they had posted only weeks earlier.

Seriously, when you make an epic mistake, scream it as loud as your hyped to the ends of the earth threads were.


Clearly there are cases of fanboy with higher than normal expectation, it IS hypicritical of them to come out guns-a-blazing when all the dust has settled, but again, this is using a yard-stick to measure an ocean.

What you're stating is (and correct me if I'm wrong): Yes the game was successful, but fanboy have over inflated its expectation, and compare to those expectation the game failed hard.

What I am stating is: While the above is true, it is completely irresponsible to take the view of that (very) vocal minority and treat it as the expectation of the sensible majority. Afterall, they don't account for much in the overal scheme of things.


Pretty much. It's just tiring having to slog through 'LBP will be EPIC' threads before its release and now 'LBP is a success' threads. It's really annoying for some folks. And then the delusions that other console owners want the game on their system is just as funny.

I have not played the game yet - it's at my house but haven't had time to play it - and look forward to playing it. However, the sheer number the threads is really starting to sour the experience of it, especially if I don't enjoy it.