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wow, even though NDP was a bit lower than expected on Wii hardware, OMG at softs, 9 out of the top 20... And the US is where the Wii get strong software sales resistance from the 360...

Also only 6 out of the top 20 are HD titles... sad really, seems COD is the only surefire thing HD these days. Also great for left 4 dead, I like seeing good titles get rewarded.

Also to add about the Wii HW stuff. I think that NDP undertracked it a bit due to reasons discussed, and VGC overtracked it due to underestimating shortages. I think fiscals will show it closer to 2.6 mil, remember last year the Wii was much more supply constrained, and it had a larger jump between Nov and Dec.

Also, thank goodness for COD Wii, I was so tired of hearing that flopped when I knew it did not. I have been calling this for a good while. Ok so I was .500 this NDP, I was wrong on the Wii HW and right on COD...

End of 2009 Predictions (Set, January 1st 2009)

Wii- 72 million   3rd Year Peak, better slate of releases

360- 37 million   Should trend down slightly after 3rd year peak

PS3- 29 million  Sales should pick up next year, 3rd year peak and price cut