Rab said:
December 2007: 1.35 million
December 2008: 2.15 million

December 2007: 1.26 million
December 2008: 1.44 million


December 2007: 797,600
December 2008: 726,000

@BengaBenga and other...ignorants replying to my previous post. Look at the numbers in red above...See them?

See the increase on 360 sales? does that look great to you when you're selling your system for as low as $199.99 on you THIRD YEAR (hint *sales peaking) ? LMAO to all of you. The PS3 kept the same exact price and it sold just as much. Hint: The key here is T-H-I-R-D  Y-E-A-R. and U-S-$ 2-0-0 P-R-I-C-E  P-O-I-N-T

Didn't you learn to swallow? aww, here's come the planeeeee.....now open WIDE.