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Well, I stand by my comments. First of all, Lair was only "hyped" because people are legitimately excited about riding a dragon and fighting hordes of enemies. If you aren't, then I guess you don't understand.  Oh, and it looks really good and seems to have a good tone for the story.  I'm still going to rent it because I find a lot of people don't like Six-axis controls when it works for me, but obviously I am very disappointed with the review scores being low.

Anyway, judging whether a game was overhyped or not has nothing to do with sales. I understand this website is a sales counter but imo you judge a game based on review scores. Bioshock was clearly not overhyped.

Btw, Blue Dragon did turn out to be like ckmlb and others predicted. It is equal to the PSP RPG Brave Story: New Traveler in that it is a mediocre RPG that receives decent rankings because it is the best option on the platform.

Blue Dragon is averaging 77, and Brave Story is averging 79. Decent RPGS. Btw, Eternal Sonata is much the same at 78 average so far. (scores from because metacritic doesn't take a true average and I refuse to read their explanation considering its a simple thing to just average scores).

I hope Folklore receives better reviews because the demo has me excited (as did the Japanese demo, but it's better being able to understand the story as well).