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sinha said:
albionus said:

As for ckmlb, wow, he's 0 for 3 on calling games (the record being negative on RE4:WE and Bioshock, positive on Lair).

I hate to kick someone when they're down, but in response to my first post on this site, ckmlb said "I bet you Project Sylpheed will be a decent game and will sell decent."

Project Sylpheed sold 14,500 in three weeks before dropping off the US charts and has a Metascore of 63.


Ahh, 0 for 4 then.  What happened to Piritakio?  His comment is another gem,  

lair is a great game.
i will buy it.
and you delusional fanboys anti-sony are a little weird......

Too bad he hasn't posted since June, I'm interested in if he is still buying it.