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Deneidez said:
rocketpig said:
frybread said:

And sorry to discuss prices, but whenever people bring up PC's, there's always some guy who is like, "GAMING PC's ARE $2000!!!!"  or  "YOU HAVE TO UPGRADE IT EVERY 2 MONTHS!"  and those myths drive me insane.

Well, in 1998, it was true.

Too bad it's not 1998 anymore, eh?

Too bad it wasn't true back then either. :)

@The Anarchyz

How about keyboard and mouse for PS3 too? And of course much bigger HD. That would bring PS3 price up a bit because you can use only those smaller HDs. Anyway they are just about as useless for it as Blu Ray player is for PC.

I was exaggerating but gaming PCs were considerably more expensive back then and yes, you did have to upgrade quite a bit more than you do now.

It's an entirely different story now with $500-600 rigs being readily available if you shop around but 10 years ago, it was about double that (anyone else remember the obscene RAM prices we used to pay?).


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