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rocketpig said:
frybread said:

And sorry to discuss prices, but whenever people bring up PC's, there's always some guy who is like, "GAMING PC's ARE $2000!!!!"  or  "YOU HAVE TO UPGRADE IT EVERY 2 MONTHS!"  and those myths drive me insane.

Well, in 1998, it was true.

Too bad it's not 1998 anymore, eh?

Too bad it wasn't true back then either. :)

@The Anarchyz

How about keyboard and mouse for PS3 too? And of course much bigger HD. That would bring PS3 price up a bit because you can use only those smaller HDs. Anyway they are just about as useless for it as Blu Ray player is for PC. Also how about adding monitor and tv there too? You can get pretty good monitors for $99(€), which will bring you even better resolutions than HD is. You know how much HDTVs cost? :)