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frybread said:
The Anarchyz said:
frybread said:


Funny how console kiddies always pick the most expensive parts.  Newsflash:  Your PS360 isn't that powerful.  This is all you need:


Processor Intel Pentium E5200 $75.99
Motherboard Asus P5QL-E $106.49
Memory 2GB Kingston DDR2-800 $28.99
Graphics Sapphire Radeon HD 4830 $109.99
Storage Western Digital Caviar SE16 640GB $69.99
Samsung SH-S223Q $27.99
Audio Integrated $0
Enclosure Antec NSK 4480B w/380W PSU $69.99

Total Buy this complete system at Newegg. $489.43

$90 extra for a PC (which you need anyway) that dominates a PS3's graphics?  GTA IV with a real view distance?  Silky smooth Bioshock?  Fallout 3 with no slowdown?  Crysis on high settings?  Yes, please.



Don't forget the Blu-Ray reader (PS3 doesn't write BRs so the comparison is with a BR reader)...

My gaming rig is one of the reasons i don't need a 360 (the other one is my friend's 360)... If the game comes out simultaneously on PC and consoles, i get it on PC almost everytime... I have to think about late releases like Devil May Cry, GTAIV and another ones...

BTW, my rig runs Crysis smoothly on high, but i hate that this game is so badly coded, so every time i get a chance to mock Crysis i'd do it, it's a really cool game and i can play it smoothly, but it's an insult to my career...

Blu Ray drives on PC are about $59 more than DVD-R drives.  So add $59 to the price if you're a blu-ray kinda guy. You really think it's coded poorly?  Have you peaked at the source, or do all the little glitches get to you?


And sorry to discuss prices, but whenever people bring up PC's, there's always some guy who is like, "GAMING PC's ARE $2000!!!!"  or  "YOU HAVE TO UPGRADE IT EVERY 2 MONTHS!"  and those myths drive me insane.

Well, in 1998, it was true.

Too bad it's not 1998 anymore, eh?


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