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Mummelmann said:
First off; Crysis is shit. It is also unplayable at max settings because of horrid optimazation no matter how insane your rig is (we've been over this too many times, max settings and very high settings are very different things).
I also can't see any reason why someone won't make a game that looks as good as or better than Crysis, see the massive leap in graphics quality in last gen games from the beginning of the gen till now to see what I mean.

Lastly; all those screens mean nothing, I've seen Crysis on 4-5 different rigs (as well as played the atrocity myself), most of which were superior to mine and it does not look like that, and when it comes close to looking like that, the FPS drops to ludicrous levels.

What's the point of this thread anyway?

optimazation is very good, it's just a little ahead of it's time for most people. It's insane they got crysis working on these videocards so many things are being calculated it's insane. and those screens are exactly how it looks on my PC.