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Final-Fan said:
olibou21 said:
@Happy, FinalFan and others

I don't understand how you are supposed to have graphics on par with High level settings on Crysis with a GC ala 7800 GS / GT which is both RAM (256 Mo + 256 Mo with high latency) and bandwith (128 bits bus) limited ?

If you speak about art direction, i too expect wonders in the coming years from the HD console, but technically Crysis won't be acheived this gen ...

On a final note, are you sure you have looked at Crysis with decent set up ? (honest question)

Because several people compare Uncharted to Crysis in this very topic.

In all honesty, Uncharted look like a Wii game compared to Crysis on my setup ...

Put it this way:  What game(s) had absolutely the best graphics on the PC from 2001-2002? 

Were there any games on the PS2/GC/Xbox, EVER, that matched or overmatched those graphics? 

That's an equivalent comparison. 

No, I have a setup with a 7900GT factory overclocked, but I don't have Crysis.  I figured I didn't want to buy it, didn't want to bother pirating it, and didn't think it would run that well on my system anyway.  But I do pay attention, I've seen the videos and pictures, I'm not wearing fanboy blinkers, etc. 

"That's an equivalent comparison.  "

Point acknowledged. I guess you have no technical skills about how a 3D scene is rendered with today's tools, haven't you ? (honest question). IMO, there is something wrong in your reasoning (ala comparison between 2002 PS sales to 2008 PS3 sales). But i cannot put words on it ..... ! ;///

Just a thing, Crysis as of today, can be played with max settings + max effects (1920*1080 + 4* AA + 8 AF) on NO single GC (even  a 280 GTX).

On 2001-2002, you could  find no game like Crysis, playable with full effects on no GC.

So, a more fairer comparison (IMO) would be Best Console game Xbox / GC / PS2 era to best PC game from 2004 (or 2005)...

 "I've seen the videos and pictures"

As already mentionned, videos and screenshots don't give justice to this game. With your rig, you should give it a try (don't forget to use some tweaks and TODs).