WessleWoggle said:
Comrade Tovya said:
I like Bacon said:

money is not the root of all evil.

lack of money is!


If you guys want to be technical about it, God created the 'yetzer ra', or in English, the evil inclination in each of us via freewill (to do good or evil).  So it's safe to assume that God is the root of evil because he created it... but the decision to actually act out our evil thoughts falls on our own shoulders (which is include hating someone else of course).

So conslusion or your logic, free will is the root of all evil...

Well, unless our unfree will was to do evil. But technicly[technically?] if we were programmed to be evil it's not evil.



Well, yes... the freewill to be good or evil.  God created evil, and as humans we act upon our own good or evil incliniations.  So literally, God is the root of the actual property of 'evil' but we as human beings make the decision to make evil part of our actions.  I'm not saying that people have to believe this, I just know that a lot of Christians think that this isn't true, but the Bible actually says that God himself created evil, word-for-word.  They just read REALLY bad translations of their "old testament" that changed the meaning of the original verses because the Church didn't want people to think that evil was from God, and they wanted them to believe that 'Satan' did it...

And everyone knows that any good story has an evil person and a good person... And in order to cause fear on people, you need to have an evil being, "Satan", to be the reprentation of such, and of course a hero, "God", who is the polar opposite.  In reality, God created both properties and allows each of us to decide whether or not we want to perform good or evil deeds. 

Hence, God created it, but we take advantage of it by our own free choice.


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