FullofWin said:
fkusumot said:

Fear Money is the root of all evil that I know.



I've never seen money as a root of evil, i see it as good motivation for people to get up in the morning and do something productive with their lives by contribiting to society through work.

Love of money and allowing it to rule you to the detriment of those around you is what is evil.

But on topic, I am a Christian and yes the Bible may say certain things against homosexuality, but it is not my place to judge the actions of others. Pretty much everyone knows what the Bible has to say on the subject, so however a person (heterosexual or homosexual) conducts their sex life is the business of no one but them, their partner, and God.

Trust me when I say that God will be very harsh to those who hate based on anything. I find it kind of funny that people who claim to subscribe to a religion that says to "love other as you love yourself" would treat others with hate in the first place (not a bash on Christianity, just on those Christians that are Christians in name only).


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