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Pete_Beast said:

"if gear and metal gear would have been made without consoles in mind, only aiming at the pc like crysis they would look better than crysis because technically the achievement was greater on consoles with the hardware limitation so it doesn't makes much sense to compare them, if crysis would have been made with consoles in mind it may have looked worse."


Not really, the difference between console games and PC games is not only the graphics /what you see) but also the sound, the physics, the loading times, the frames per sec. All those are improvements you can only really visualize when gaming on MAX settings and not through images. These are things Crysis tops games like Gears and MGS4 in. Not saying these two games look bad, they look amazing, just not as good a Crysis.

What some people don't get is that a PC has better ways to run a game on higher settings than consoles because by logic they have more power. A console doesn't upgrade and can't be upgraded while a PC getws upgraded almost every month. New graphics cards, more RAM, you name it and you have more power.

Another thing people don't understand is that because a game looks better than the other, it doesn't mean the other game looks bad, it just means the other one looks better.

I'ts like comparing an Enzo to an Aston Martin. They are both fast cars, but one is faster. Doesn't make the other one slow.

No, its like comparing Mercedes to Porsche and saying one is Mercedes is faster, even though 95% of all Mercedes cars are far slower than the Porsche model you're comparing it to.