NintendoMonopoly said:
DMeisterJ said:
So what is the correlation here?

I just don't see how comparing a software unit to a hardware unit can produce any kind of meaningful discussion.


          It's meaningful, because it puts the whole gaming industry into perspective. People keep trying to deflect the importance of Wii Play Success 1 way or another. 1st, Wii Play is crap, that no one wants. Nevermind, the average # of hours spent playing it. Then, it's success doesn't matter because it's bundled, until it sells so much, that ignoring it looks down right foolish. Now, it can't be compared to HW. People compare HW vs SW all the time, including yourself. Talking about attach rates is a common practice around here. The combined effect of the high attach rate of Wii Play and how much the Wii is outpacing the PS3, makes it possible for Wii Play to outsell it. You know, a system has to outsell another system by a considerable margin, for 1 of it's games to outsell the other system. Mentioning something as monumental as that, is a completely legitimate topic to post. Are we suppose to pretend it didn't happen, because some people can handle it. Anytime, any big achievement happens in gaming, I would expect some one to make a topic about it, regardless of which system it effects. Besides, it's not like you wouldn't be doing the same thing, if the shoe was on the other foot. Let's say, a GT game(or whatever) came out for the PSP and it outsold the 360, are you going to try and tell me you wouldn't be excited? Hell. I see you posting, about any minuet success Sony has, on a regular basis. Why not, just be a man about it and respect what happened? It might help, give you some shred of creditability. I don't go around, pretending GTA:SA sales aren't big. Why don't you try, practicing the same level of maturity?

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