DMeisterJ said:
Kasz216 said:
DMeisterJ said:
So what is the correlation here?

I just don't see how comparing a software unit to a hardware unit can produce any kind of meaningful discussion.


It's very rare for a game to pass up a piece of hardware in a generation.

It only happened with the Dreamcast last generation.

Well, mostly because games don't tend to sell past the 10 million unit mark anymore, or ever much for that matter.

I mean, it selling over 10 million, and closing on 20 is what should really be celebrated, not a 50 dollar item outselling a 400 dollar item, but thanks.

Wow, your cranky... and you missed the point despite me directly stating the point.

It's a rare circumstance, even rarer then a game selling 10 million, and furthermore it has a decent shot of keeping this up and beating PS3 at the end of the gen.  Since it isn't really slowing down much.

Wii play's sales are creeepily linear...

I mean look at it.

It's crazy.