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Kantor said:

This is different from the stickied thread in that these are not just console numbers (although feel free to include those) but any sales/gaming related predictions at all, similar to this thread from last year.

1) PS3- 32 million

2) X360- 38 million

3) Wii- 69 million


Probably fair enough


4) PS3 will outsell the Wii on GT5 launch week


Hmm, GT5 probably won't have a simulateous worldwide launch, so even if it outsells the Wii America when it launches in America, it won't outsell the Wii worldwide any of the 3 weeks


5) God of War III will make it out in 2009

Sure, seems likely


6) PS3 will get a price cut in Q1 or Q2

Not a chance of a Q1 price cut, IMO Q3 is much more likely


7) Final Fantasy XIII, if it makes it out, will sell better on PS3 than X360.

It's PS3 exclusive in Japan, so yes


8) BioShock 2 will sell better on X360 (no brainer)

9) Killzone 2 will have sold well over 3 million units by the end of the year

Don't really know much about them, so why not


10) Heavy Rain will not sell very well, 1.5 million by year end if it's lucky.

What the hell? Heavy Rain is in a niche genre. If it sells a million over its whole lifetime the developers will be ecstatic

11) MGS4 will not come to the Xbox 360, and will not be announced for the Xbox 360



12) Trico will be named and scheduled for release sometime in 2009

13) Mass Effect 2 will be on PS3

What's a Trico?


14) An MGS4 "Substance" game will be released, exclusively for the PS3

3 MGS games in 2 years? Seems unlikely


I'll think of more later. What are your predictions? We can look at this thread at the end of 2009 and see how ridiculously wrong we all were!