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ookaze said:
Ender said:
I don't thin it's just the style, it's the format. Video games have a long way to go in delivering emotionally powerful dramatic experiences. I suspect I'm not in the minority on this.


I don't think it's the format at all.

After playing 2/3rd of VC, I'm positive that's because of the translation, at least. Perhaps the english VA makes it worse. But the translation is definitely a big problem.

In VC, I play with the original japanese VA, and everything connects very well. I put the english subtitles on, and the problem is that often, while the japanese VA and what they say is perfectly fine and conveys emotions perfectly, the translation doesn't actually translate what they say, but a cringe worthy nonsense.

Sometimes, they even add dialogues that makes a perfectly fine scene completely retarded. For example, they will say things that definitely show some feeling (love, concern, ...) while the original VA let you feel the situation and never tell you explicitely what's going on (and often, the english translation is just plain wrong).

The english translation, at least the one in the subtitles, is just embarassing a lot of times, while I've yet to feel any embarassment with the original japanese voices.

And it's often the translation + english VA that is the problem. Tales games have the same problem.

Is there a JRPG that doesn't have the problem?