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Ender said:
I think it's hard to enjoy romance in any video game. In fact, I think any drama is tough to pull off. For instance, I thought the GeOF2 Santiago wife plot really fell flat. And I'm a guy who enjoys dramatic movies...

As for anime style, I don't hate it, but it's not something I really enjoy and/or seek out.


I think your dislike has more to do with style rather than execution, almost all story following the 'journey' model contains at least some element of romance, everything from Conan to Gone with the Wind has it, its just human nature and game is no exception.

One of the most touching moment in storeytelling for me is during Planescape: Torment when Fall from Grace promise to find you no matter where you are, it was really poignant and moving.

Valkyria Chronicles' story succeeded in giving me a nice dose of WAFF, I don't think it was anything spectacular but it was very well executed, and I cannot fault the production no matter how much my cynical self scream cliche.

Of course, I was a big Otaku and still love anime to death so I had no problem with the art style. (And in fact loved it)