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Ender said:
Riachu said:
Ender said:

I think part of the problem with a game like VC (which I love) is the plot. JRPG's plots are often corny and cringe worthy. Sometimes I just sit there embarrassed that I'm playing a game with these strange looking characters with silly romantic subplots. I guess I have very western tastes, but if you can't win me over, then you have a problem.

I'm playing LBP now, and I think it's absolutely delightful, but on the wrong system customer base wise. Also, the level creator is awesome but too complex.

Anyway, I hope both these games find larger audiences, because they deserve them.

Except that a lot of those JRPG stories are cringe worthy because of the bad voice acting in a lot of them. VC's story is actually suppose to be good. If haven't played Lost Odyssey, then you probably should because the main plot of nothing special but the VA is really good and the game has some really powerful moments.



I agree, the voice acting in VC is good. It was the plot I had difficulties with. Specifically, did anyone actually enjoy the budding romance between Welkin and Alicia? Watching it made me feel silly. BTW, the plot did have cool parts... I liked how the battle was for a peasdo Europe. The gameplay was awesome, but the plot was really awkward and hokey.

I didn't play VC enough but what was wrong with the romance.  Is romance automatically bad in games?