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Soriku said:


Not really a valid point. There were plenty of RPGs on the GC over the PS2 and they might have put those JRPGs on the 360 to appeal to the West too. It hasn't worked well though, and the bulk of JRPG announcements are going to the Wii (which the Wii can sell) :P


I doubt it. The game only looks good because of the art style. Technically it isn't impressive. I'm positive the Wii can do VCs graphics.

I disagree, not because I think the wii can't handle on-par graphic but because the canvas engine itself is optimised for the HD console (360 AND PS3) and not the wii.

I believe to have this game ported over will require a rework of the engine, but I don't believe graphic will suffer much during the transition (so I kinda agree too but not *_*)