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ElRhodeo said:
~flame said:
patrice1970 said:

first CNN have always right, they never critized engagment in Irak

try to spell iraq next time.

First, there's languages other than english in the world. But being a smartass is especially pointless in this case, cause you're talking about the western spelling of an arab word (العراق), which can only be an approximation anyway...

Sorry, chief, gotta keep you honest. The final letter in Iraq is ق, which is transliterated into "qaaf," similar sounding to English's q with a gutteral emphasis. There is a letter in Arabic transliterated "kaaf" (take your pen and make a backwards "L" and add a hamza) that is the exact same sound sound as English's "K" sound. You are just plain wrong, and hiding behind a claim that there "can only be an approximation" masks your ignorance. Arabic has about 10 letters that don't have a direct equivalent in English. "k" is not one of them. Spell it right next time.