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Proof that BluRay is nothing other then perfection and WILL take over DVD.

In effect, CNN loses another thing to pick on the PS3 for. You know I think I know exactly what is going on. American publications want the PS3 to lose so badly because they believe by making the 360 successful it might aid. or at least contribute, to bettering it's current economy. This is true, America is currently bailing its car companies out of bankruptcy and is doing everything in it's power to make sure "american products" sell well in .....America. Which they usually do not because they are crapilly made and do not deserve to.....>_>. This Is why we are constantly seeing negative counteractions to anything PS3 positive.

American Agenda: Make Great things for PS3 seem normal and make shortcomings for PS3 seem a whole lot worse then they actually are. That is whats been going on this whole gen.




Greatness Awaits

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