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outlawauron said:
Aiemond said:
BengaBenga said:
It's sad that VC sold so poorly. Really sad.

I hate it that a big part of it is because of the graphics. Sure SRPGs are niche, but Fire Emblem sold 400k in the US.

And to be clear: I think this would have bombed on the 360 as well. It's just sad that realistic graphics are so much prefered by much of the HD userbase.


Too bad it was not on wii :/

I think the cell shading is nice, DQ was one of my fav DQ games graphics wise.

I imagine they could do it on Wii, but they would have to rework the engine to do Wii graphics.


Indeed. Thats what is sad :/ I don't see a wii port in the future either. But too bad they didn't put it on their in the first place is what i meant. If it made it up to say, 100k lifetime US, a bit more in japan and a similar state in Others I think a sequal would be able to be justified due to the lower development cost.

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