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Aj_habfan said:
Kasz216 said:
DMeisterJ said:

Stickball is going to get pwned when FFXIII sells better on the PS3. Then we can put the nail in the coffin of the "PS3 can't sell JRPGs" argument. lol.

Anyhoo, LBP does 1 mil in 5 weeks. Hardly horrible. Mirror's Edge/Dead space haven't even came close to that, and that's on double the consoles. It could have easily ended up like that.

Oh, and do you all forget Uncharted? 

My goodness.

Define what kind of numbers you expect FFXIII to pull.  If it doesn't pull like 3 million in Japan alone it's going to be a huge disapointment.

Of course this is why it should sell more on the PS3 as well.  Becauase FF13 should be expected to sell AT LEAST 3 million in Japan.

If it doesn't pull near 8 million across both platforms with 3 million in japan it'd probably support the "these consoles don't sell JRPGs arguement'

As ridiculious as something like 7 million sales sounding inadequate are. 

I mean... it should go something like this

Japan 3-3.5 Million

USA - 2.5-3.5 million

Others 2-3 Million

With PS3 getting all that 3-3.5 million... the 360 would need to take nearly all Europe and US Sales... or expand the Final Fantasy base.

So i'm guessing stickball is betting on FF13's japanese sales to be much lower... more in the 2 million range.  Which would prove disasterous.




PS3 will have only have 3.5m consoles sold when it is released. No way it will pull that kind of attach ratio.

Yeah, i imagine that's what Mr. Stickball is counting on.  Who knows.  It might push some serious sytems though.  I mean Final Fantasy fans have paid some crazy loot for nonsensicle stuff before.

I mean i think that one "Potion" Drink was ridiculiously expensive.