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outlawauron said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:
Riachu said:
VC was never expected to sell very well anyway so no suprise there. SRPGs are very niche. The last SRPG to sell 1 million copies was release over 10 years ago.

Sony fanboys expected it to sell, lol.

No. Everyone expected it to be fantastic (it is) and no one expected it to sell.


 Exactly,it is Fantastic and reviewers think so as well.  It holds the highest metacritic rating for a jrpg between the 2 HD consoles. It is however a niche genre, but even so it still beats every poor ass Atlus srpg on the 360. Stage trolls the PS3 every chance he gets in every discussion, pay no attention. Even the biggest supporters of the 360 here on this site can have some unbiased discussions, just not him...