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mrstickball said:
kutasek said:
mrstickball said:
Soriku said:
mrstickball said:
Torillian - Because everything else got a massive boost far exceeding LBP?

I mean, LBP could, and should get a boost come December. Problem is, that boost may get it to 250-300k for December. That'd put LBP at a very sad total for the EOY, and well under 1m sold through in the US.

That also means that VGC overtracked Valkyria by quite a large sum, and VC sold less than what ToV did in one week in August...For the US.

I guess the Playstation 3 really can't sell JRPGs. Even less so than the X360.

 don't think it's fair to compare a new IP SRPG to the latest entry in the Tales series by Team Symphonia.

Disagaea didn't do any better, and it's a much more well-known SRPG series.

Abyss sold 100,000 total copies in the US on PS2, so it's not like Vesperia had a solid prescident before it thanks to Abyss.

And I have mixed feelings about it being fair: Playstation 3 fans argued the same thing(s) against Blue Dragon (which sold 50,000 in it's debut week according to NPD), Eternal Sonata (which sold about the same), and Lost Odyssey (which sold about 5 times that of VC).

SRPGs are a niche genre, but I thought the PS3 was supposed to move RPGs regardless since....You know? The Playstation 2 had so many? Wasn't that the crux of the JRPG argument? The Playstation 3 had the userbase, since PS2 fans lapped up theh JRPGs, while the Xbox had approximately 0 JRPGs (maybe you can count Sukedi).

But now, we see that VC, Disagaea and ES on PS3 have all bombed just as bad as a few X360 JRPGs...So I guess we're back at square one: Neither the X360 or PS3 can move JRPGs. However, the X360 at least had some better successes with BD, LO and ToV.



Disegea just sold 100,000 thousand in u.s. alone, i say it's pretty decent for this type of game.

Based on VGC or NPD?

What do you think, VGC.