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Diomedes1976 said: Good numbers ,I think that after those we could aproximate to 110K in both Germany and France ,and some 85K in Spain and Italy .That alone would make more than 555K consoles sold .Thats the core of the european market ,but there are many other countries .I think the 520K number is way too low .And lets not forget the sales in Australia ,UAE....the preorders for New Zealand (5 times the number of the Wii ,no strange as New Zealand is maybe the only place where the PSP is outselling the DS ) . If the sales slow down enought to threaten the console viability Sony will drop the price .The Playstation are always very expensive when they launch ,but Sony knows how to sell and the pace to cut the price and when ,and thats important . One comment ,I have already my PS3 and I have tried to play 5 games I had bought on second hand of the PS2 .Shadow of the Colossus ,God of War ,Devil May Cry ,Final Fantasy X and Buzz .All play flawlessly ,even FFX wich is marked at the official page as with only 1 Star in retrocompatibility play effortlessly and I seriously cant see any problem with it .....maybe a object sometimes that has some imperceptible clipping but otherwise its perfect .Good job Sony .
France and Germany sales bombed... there's no way either one of them sold 100k. http://www.vgcharts.org/forum/thread.php?id=928 http://www.vgcharts.org/forum/thread.php?id=927

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