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FilaBrasileiro said:
Reject said:
Max King of the Wild said:
Reject said:
WOW at the GTA IV sales but LBP sales were expected, this is from a niche genre and cannot see it selling more than 2M WW LTD.


2mil is niche?


I said the genra was niche, this is a stand out game should is expected to do better then other games from the same Genre. 2MM worldwide TLD is me being optimistic, I cannot see it selling more than 1.5M LTD to be perfectly honest.


No matter how you slice it, anything over 1 million is not niche, and what genre would you be talking about that's niche anyways?


Hopefully LBP will have legs, it deserves it, but I said this before and I'll say it again, Western games DO NOT sell well in Japan, no matter how good they are.

"Niche" was a bad word to use but the numbers people were prediction for this game such as 3M LTD is just too high, the game does not appeal to enough people to get those kinds of numbers.