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TheSource said: Based on what I see for the software: The games with 10% potential this year are: Super Paper Mario Heavenly Sword Big Brain Academy Devil May Cry 4 (360) Assassin's Creed Lost Odyessey Project Gotham Racing 4 Bio Shock Blue Dragon Dragon Quest Swords (has this even been confirmed for NA localization?) Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (Wii) (once this is made public, your estimates will rise I assure you) Games with 20% potential this year: Metroid Prime 3 Mass Effect DDR Wii Metal Gear Solid 4 My Sims Forza 2 Guitar Hero 2 Madden Wii Health Wii Music Games with 50% potential this year Halo 3 GTA IV Super Mario Galaxy Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Other than what I have boldfaced, (as I believe these titles will exceed your estimations) I agree with your assesments & formula. With the additional exception of TW'07 Wii making it into the 10% bracket. Your 50% potential is spot-on.

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