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Jesus.... READ THIS:

SCEA’s VP of product marketing Scott Steinberg

Again, VP of product MARKETING.

It's his freakin job to hype up his product. Stop personifying Sony CORPORATION as if it was a living breathing human being like you and me. This is what corporations do. Sony can't be "cocky" b/c Sony isn't a person. Stop paying attention to what the MARKETING guy says and focus on what products (i.e. games and features) that Sony is producing. That's all that really matters. Judge Sony based on that. [/rant]


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There's one very real thing called corporate culture and it tends to permeate employees of corporations. While Sony (or Microsoft, or Dell or whatever) are just trademarked words, the guys making the decisions tend to eventually become affected by the corporate environment up to a certain point it starts to influence their decision-making process. It's similar to the way military forces tend to build certain types of behaviours. There are tons of books written on the subject.

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