Legend11 said:
MikeB said:

Just sounds confident and IMO a very likely scenario, much more so than Microsoft's very unlikely future outlook for the 360.

Yeah the future for the 360 is very grim indeed...


"- Of the surveyed console developers, which represent a notable cross-section of the entire industry, 73% are creating games for Xbox 360, 58% (including some of the same respondents) for the PlayStation 3, and 42% for the Wii - with 15% still creating games for the PlayStation 2. This implies that the greatest amount of Western console developers by sheer numbers are creating games for Microsoft's console - but due to team size differences, this doesn't necessarily imply that more games will appear on the Xbox 360 than other consoles."

um...but following from that article, does this not the show that the Wii at 42% has grimmer outlook than all three?

somehow i can't agree with that


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