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Onyxmeth said:
FreeTalkLive said:
Sounds good to me. A rental is a rental. This seems like a win for everyone.

Are you sure you're replying to the right thread?


Yes.  I'll not play the cell phone, PC, or DS versions.  Heck, there may even be a PSP version I'll never play.  It's fun playing GH whatever on 360 while I'm at a store.  However, if GH Metallica, Beatles, 70s, County, Punk, Metalcore, or whatever comes out, it may be worth a rental.  I get 1 rental a month at no extra cost and places like Blockbuster sometimes have rental discounts so it sounds good to me.  The more good to decent games on the better for everyone in the world.  Activision is doing us all a great service.

You might argue DLC vs. rental.  I already have 2 GH games and only plan to buy 1 more this generation (unless I find one I really like for under $40)  The more GH games, the more games a may be interested in renting.  A rental costs from $6 to $7 (when not on special or you could always go the online rental route).  3 songs of DLC only costs a little less than that.  I'd rather have a game for a week than 3 songs for life because I'll get more fun out of the game than 3 songs.  Of course, PS2 and DS don't even have DLC so they need new games.



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