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Millennium said:
Paul_Warren said:
"So this guy is going to become one of the biggest mass murdererd ever... possibly the biggest (what is the estimated record for killing people?)"

I think it might be held by the priests of the Aztecs. I was watching Jean Rollin's film The Two Orphan Vampires this morning, and they said that over 100,000 people had lined up at the foot of an Aztec pyramid for the largest ritual sacrifice in history in 1488 at a 3 day festival. So if that is true, then it must be 100,000 and held by Aztec priests.

There must have been at least 2000 priests involved in that, though, assuming 10 seconds per sacrifice and 12-hour work shifts. That comes out to an average of 500 per person, which I guess might be a record if you don't count wars or acts of terrorism, but that cuts out an awful lot of people.

While it was done during a war, and sanction by his government, the act of killing the most people by one person directly would have to be the bombardier who release the atomic bomb over  Hiroshima.  Estimates are 80-140,000 people were killed.   A lesser  amount at  Nagasaki,  though  still close to 80,000, would make that bombardier #2. 

Indirectly, of course, Stalin probably wins (30M+), unless you wish to lay the blame for nearly all deaths happening in Europe during WWII as Hilter's.

Torturing the numbers.  Hear them scream.