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souixan said:

I'm not offended by this game, I've got news for you. You DON'T have to buy it! Holy crap, it's a freaking game, 1 game. And just for crap like this I'm gonna buy a copy and never play it for every one of you that doesn't(I wish I really had that kind of money, maybe just 2 copies.) Come try and kill me for having a different opinion I dare you.

Once Nintendo sees how well this sells they're going to cancel all their hardcore projects and start working on Wii Music 2-10 and Wii Music: Petz Edition. They'll use all the money they made from Wii Music to buyout the entire industry. All HD consoles will be replaced with Wii2, which will just be a blinking light tied to the end of a stick. And they'll only do this to spite hardcore gamers.