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PDF said:
c0rd said:

- it's hard to speculate how things would have turned out otherwise, but "lesson learned?"  The DS and Wii have shown Nintendo anything but them needing Sony.  They made plenty of mistakes of course, but staying away from Sony was not one of them.


 Your right it is hard to speculate but sharing a console for a generation rather than getting dominated for 2 generations seems better to me.

Sure Ninty has success now but I am sure they would be happier laways having it.  The Wii is no indication that staying away from sony was a good move.  Whats a indication that it was abad move is being beat by the PS and PS2 and now having to share handheld market which they never really had to do prior.

Through your comment you did imply somthing just like that by saying Nintendo was better off not with Sony.  We dont know how it would of turned out otherwise but telling them no certainly didnt turn out good.

Am with PDF on this one.

And just for the record, I read the thing that guy's sig said to read.... sounds pretty dumb..... Nintendo dropped SONY's prototypes and SONY decided to make their own CD based system... and it turned out to be a success. I don't see how SONY copied.... especially when the article says that Nintendo went to Panasonic after they dropped SONY, and yet there next console wasn't CD based at all..... And the N64 was released more than 1 year and a half after the PS1 right???? I don't see what SONY did wrong... unless entering a new market and doing well in it is a bad thing????

And also I don't see MS doing anything new to the CONSOLE VG industry... I just see them making a few adjustments to ideas that were already there. Even with online, didn't the DreamCast have it first??? And now look??? Although it's arguable as to which service is better, PSN is fully functional now, and Free. Not to mention how well SONY has been pushing digitall distribution, working for MMO's, and bringing new things like Qore and Home.


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